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Sprzedam Bluetooth module Telit Bluemod+S42

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cześć mamy do sprzedania moduł "Bluetooth module Telit Bluemod+S42" - wystawiamy FV

Product condition: New  - Packed (hermetically) on rolls of 1000 pieces
Minimum quantity to sell: 2000pcsV
The maximum quantity (available): 11,000 pcs.
Cost for 1 pcs: 2,9 eur
Delivery cost depends of ordered items

General info:
Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy plug-and-play module
The BlueMod+S42 is a high-performance Bluetooth 4.2 qualified single mode module. It features very low energy consumption and flexibility for designers such as Terminal I/O profile for serial cable replacement use cases as well as most GATT based Bluetooth profiles through a generic GATT implementation. Part of the BlueMod+Sx family, the BlueMod+S42 is swappable with previous generations without requiring new hardware or software spins. Although a single mode low energy module it offers a high throughput of up to 470kbit/s using Telit’s unique SPP like Terminal I/O service.

Development Kit
Telit’s BlueDev+S42 developer kits enables rapid prototyping of customer’s own firmware: solutions are based on a simple and powerful scripting language, Lua, supported by Telit Appzone development environment or using silicon vendor SDK for C++ development.

Evaluation Kit
The evaluation kits BlueEva+S42 are available to support Telit customers to evaluate and implement Bluetooth modules in their application. For each of the different FW Versions a separate Evaluation Kit is available.

Key Features: BlueMod+S42
Standalone IOT platform or Bluetooth hosted applications
Bluetooth v4.2 qualified module
RED, FCC, IC, KC, MIC, RCM, Anatel certified
Powerful Cortex M4F MCU
Designed for low power applications
Best of its class range performance
Best of its class throughput performance
Generic GATT Client or Server Implementation
Point to point or point to multipoint communications
Terminal I/O Profile (SPP-like) for fast and easy transparent data transfer
Automation I/O Profile for digital and analog status information transfer
Terminal I/O and Automation I/O Sample code for iOS and Android
NFC Support for secure simple pairing
LE Secure Connection with 128bit AES encryption




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