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For companies – meet FORBOT and start the cooperation!

For companies – meet FORBOT and start the cooperation!

FORBOT.pl is the most popular blog in Poland regularly publishing tutorials for electronic engineers and programmers, whose passion is making electronic devices all by themselves.

Our blog and forums are visited daily by thousands of enthusiasts: ambitious students, experienced engineers – anyone who wants to act and share their knowledge.

Recent statistics (2020/2021)

The website is gaining popularity and is constantly attracting new, active readers. During the 2019, FORBOT has been viewed over a 7,9 million times:

Pageviews in 2020

Pageviews in 2020

Our Facebook profile is followed by more than 35 thousand fans, and weekly posts reach 130 thousand people, which makes FORBOT be the leader among Polish-language blogs of this type!

Previous cooperation

Thus far we’ve cooperated with over 100 companies, including:

Subject matter

Main topics discussed on the blog are connected with amateur robotics, learning electronics and programming (Arduino, Raspberry Pi). FORBOT readers utilize – aside from electronical components – various workshop tools, including the more and more popular 3D printers.

A regular publication of articles and tutorials created by the editorial staff guarantees a high quality of the available materials, useful both for beginners and experienced readers.

FORBOT forums

Since the site’s beginning, FORBOT has been trying to make more and more people interested in electronics. The forums bring together an increasing amount of users, who share their experiences and are eager to help the beginners with their first construction efforts.

Over 25 thousand users registered on our forums make an active community, comment on the current events from the world of electronics, help each other by solving any encountered problems and create their own guides.

Available forms of cooperation

Thus far FORBOT has cooperated with many companies, from small local firms to international corporations. Aside from the ones listed below, there are also other, custom forms of cooperation – we await your propositions.

Popular forms of cooperation:

  • banner ads (details below),
  • registries in the business directory,
  • product tests and reviews (example),
  • sponsored articles (example, example),
  • recruitment articles (example),
  • product placement in editorial staff’s articles (example),
  • promoting products and services via social networks.

Banner ads

Banner ads show up on the forums and on the blog. In our standard offer there are 4 locations for graphic ads. We also offer custom ad implementation after prior arrangements have been made.

Ads on the blog

In our standard offer, a graphic ad can be displayed on the blog in the following locations:

  • BOX-A – blog’s header, ad rotation on each subpage.
    Max dimensions: 468x60px, formats: jpg, png, file size up to 80kB.


  • BOX-B – blog’s right column, ad rotation on each subpage (excluding calendar).
    Max dimensions: 336x80px, formats: jpg, png, file size up to 80kB.


  • BOX-C – blog’s right column, ad rotation on each subpage (excluding calendar).
    Max dimensions: 336x258px, formats: jpg, png, file size up to 80kB.


Ads on the forums

  • BOX-F – forums header, ad rotation on each forums subpage.
    Max dimensions: 750x100px, formats: jpg, png, file size up to 150kB.



If your company is interested in establishing cooperation with us, please contact us via the form below or directly via the following email adress: